Want to save money and keep your family safe? Get your gas appliances serviced regularly!

Most of us have our cars serviced once or twice a year because we know they'll last longer and small problems can be caught before they become big problems. It should be the same with our gas appliances.

We also offer special deals if you arrange a scheduled Servicing Package with us. So don't wait...

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Testing a gas fireplace for fumes

Save on servicing: Purchase a Servicing Package for your new or existing gas appliances.

Your gas appliances are a great investment but you want to make sure they stay that way. Make it easy on yourself by ordering a Servicing Package from River City Gas:

  • 3yr, 5yr and 10yr packages available
  • Save 20% annually on standard servicing rates
  • Set and forget: we'll arrange the service calls for you, no need to remember when they're due

Here's how it works:

  1. We come to your place and make a list of your various appliances, their age and condition.
  2. We provide a quote for annual servicing of all your appliances with 3, 5 and 10 year options.
  3. You choose the option that suits you best depending on how much you want to save.
  4. You pay the agreed price annually and we arrange the servicing to happen when it's convenient for you.

Talk to us today about a Servicing Package for your water heater, gas fire or other gas appliances.

But what if my gas appliance is faulty or not working?!

Don't worry, our friendly professionals will be able to help. With a wealth of experience, it won't take us long to work out what's wrong and find a solution. We'll always suggest the most cost-effective repair solution, whether that's replacing a part or even the whole appliance. We'll always get your permission before we do the work so you know what the cost will be and there are no surprises.

Dwayne servicing a Rinnai Infinity continuous flow hot water heater

Benefits of Regular Servicing

  • Save Money Now

    Clean, serviced appliances use less gas and work more efficiently so your monthly gas charges will come down.

  • Save Money Later

    Your appliances will last longer and be less likely to break down and need costly repairs or replacement.

  • Your Family's Safety

    Old, dirty gas appliances increase the risk of harmful fumes and fires. Get your appliances serviced and reduce the risk to your family.

  • Peace Of Mind

    Why worry that your BBQ may not handle the big Christmas dinner or your heater won’t last the winter? Get them serviced and save yourself the stress.

  • Convenience

    Arrange a regular servicing schedule and you’ll never have to think about it again – we’ll take care of everything.

Servicing FAQ

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