Now can you have stylish, convenient, comfortable warmth and keep a clear environmental conscience. How? With an ultra low emission Wood Pellet Fire!

Wood Pellet Fires are the super-fire of the future and they’re available now from Rivercity Gas. Safe and easy to use, they have near zero carbon emissions, and burn so efficiently they are practically smoke free.

Wood Pellet Fires come in a range of stunning styles, both free-standing and wall-insert, to complement your interior design.

If you love the ambience of a wood fire without the hassle of sourcing and storing firewood, Wood Pellet Fires are the perfect choice. Pellet Fuel is readily available – just pop down and grab a bag from us whenever you need to. They produce minimal amounts of ash so there’s hardly any cleaning required.

Talk to us today about whether a Wood Pellet Fire is right for you.

Our Brands Include: