Why wait for warmth?

There’s nothing nicer than coming home on a wet and cold winter’s night and instantly being able to relax in front of a blazing fire. Gas fireplaces start at the touch of a button and their sole job is to make you warm and happy.

Gas is an elegant and easy alternative to wood burning fires, and gas central heating will make it hard to choose where you’re going to snuggle up with a consistent temperature across the home.



Long showers and wintery nights won’t hurt your pocket quite so much if you have gas hot water as well as gas heating.

Two thirds of your power bill can be from heating and hot water alone – imagine how good it would feel to just relax in comfort – without worrying about the cost.

In more ways than one, gas fits the bill!


The quiet running of gas heating fires and central heaters won’t interfere with the lightest nap. That’s something your cats and children will appreciate! Gas heating costs around the same as a heat pump, but without the noise and big unit on the outside of your house.

Gas is quiet and elegant – all the drama without the distraction.

Gas is well behaved

If the temperature drops gas heating will keep working unlike many heat pumps that cut off at a certain temperature. Even better, if your gas heater isn’t reliant on electricity, you will weather any power cut, something your neighbours will appreciate when they find an excuse to pop in.

Gas is more obedient that other forms of heating, and once you set the perfect temperature for your family, it will get there faster and stay as long as you need it to.

More room for art on your walls

With the elegance and unobtrusiveness of gas heating quietly and invisibly working its magic throughout your house, you have more room to showcase art on your walls rather than a heat pump. That’s got to be more fun!

For more information on the benefits of gas, visit thebeautyofgas.co.nz